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BLCEA public meeting on July 26, 2009

The Beit Hanina Local charitable and Educational Association held a public meeting in Beit Hanina for its members and expatriates from Beit Hanina who had returned for the summer vacation. This meeting aimed to give detailed information about the Association, its objectives and its plans for the future.
The first speaker was Muhammad Abdulhameed Asad- Mukhtar and a founding member of the Association, who asserted that that the Association is working to include all the people of the town at home and abroad, and that it is necessary for the people of Beit Hanina themselves to stand up for the good of their town.
Then he said that this building (where the meeting was held) has been a good example of the achievements that the Association had done. Then he reminded everybody with that day, sixty years ago, when the people of the town assembled under a tree and decided to establish this Association and donated land and money for its educational institutions. Then he declared that he can’t allow anybody to take over the achievements of the Association that the founders had strived for.
The next speaker was Musa Mansour Shouman who gave a presentation about the Association’s history from its establishment until now. He started with the period when the town of Beit Hanina flourished in the 1940’s, at that time the Association was founded and headed by Abdulhameed Shouman. He said that this has been a legally registered association since then. Then he talked about the generous donations of the people of Beit Hanina with land and money to build educational institutions that were supposed to lead to a university in Beit Hanina. He also mentioned the establishment of the Rural Teachers School and the business college. Then he explained how the building of the Rural Teachers School was converted, after 1967 occupation, into an elementary school that is managed by the Jerusalem Municipality now. And that the Association is working hard to regain control of the school by filing a lawsuit against the municipality.
In the early 1990’s the Association managed to build Masjid Shouman in spite of all the obstacles that faced them. This came many years after constructing the buildings and the spacious playgrounds on the land that is owned and legally registered under the name of the Association.
Then he talked about the difficulties and challenges that the Association is facing now. He mentioned the case of the Beit Hanina Club: a group of people took over a building owned by the Association and called it The Maqdisy Beit Hanina club, to falsely imply that it is the same as the original Beit Hanina Club which was established and managed by the Association. This building is being used to serve water pipes (sheesha) and cigarettes and to organize many other activities which are not related to sports. The Association has won a lawsuit against this group and is working to evict them.
Another problem that Mr. Shouman mentioned was the relationship with Al-Quds University. The buildings that the University uses were lent to it in 1996. The contract between the Association and the University has been ended and they are working now to achieve a new contract which is fair to both sides.
Then Shouman talked about the Association’s plans for the future and its coming projects. The main project that Mr. Shouman emphasized on was the Cultural Center project which is intended to be the largest in Palestine; much of the planning and engineering design for this project have been done, and a construction permit was applied for and part of the expenses were paid. The Association is looking for donors who will complete the payments for the permit in order to be able to get the necessary funds for the project.
The association is also planning to construct a recreation park for families and a modern school.
At the end of the meeting a discussion was opened in which many people participated and gave many vital suggestions and promised to support the Association.



  1. i dont ti coplete the application,but dont know how..

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