Posted by: blcea | November 30, 2009

BLCEA Signs a Contract with Alquds University

In the Presence of Dr. Sari Nusseibeh and Members from Beit Hanina Association

Beit Hanina Local Charitable and Educational Association (BLCEA) Signed a Contract with Alquds University to Lease a Number of the Beit Hanina Association Buildings.

Dr. Sari and BLCEA membersin the photo from left to right: Musa Shouman, Dr. Sari Nusseibeh, Abu Shawkat and Kareem Elder

Jerusalem, from Mohammad Shaker Abdulla.

Beit Hanina Local Charitable and Educational Association (BLCEA) signed an agreement with Alquds University to lease three buildings owned by BLCEA to the university. The agreement includes a number of provisions that meet the guidelines of both BLCEA and Alquds University in order to accomplish their goals of developing education in Beit Hanina and Jerusalem.

Mohammad Abdelhamid Asad (Abu Shawkat) and Mousa Mansour Shouman, two members of BLCEA administrative committee, signed the contract in behalf of BLCEA and Dr. Sari Nusseibeh, the president of Alquds University, represented the university.

This agreement defines the relationship between BLCEA and Alquds University. First, it specifies BLCEA facilities that are being leased to the university. Second, in accordance to BLCEA goals to support education and honoring the great role that Alquds University has been playing in advancing the educational process in Jerusalem, BLCEA will receive only a nominal annual rent from the university. Third, Alquds University has agreed to provide six scholarships yearly to BLCEA including one in the medicine school.

Fourth, BLCEA has received a commitment from the university to give a priority in employment to the qualified candidates from Beit Hanina town.

Fifth, the university will pay for the construction of a new building that will serve as the offices for BLCEA, and it will pay all the expenses of a rented office until the end of the construction.

The president of Alquds University, Dr. Sari Nusseibeh, praised the agreement and said that this agreement came to light only after an extensive cooperation between the two sides, and he added that this agreement is a great achievement that shows the strong cooperation between the people of Jerusalem who are working for the good of education in Jerusalem.

Abu Shawkat asserted that this agreement satisfies many of the demands that the people of Beit Hanina requested from the university. He also added that this agreement will help BLCEA to continue serving its causes.

Mousa Mansour Shouman added that this agreement compiles with BLCEA principles and guidelines which aim to advance the educational process in Jerusalem. He also added that it establishes a new era of cooperation between BLCEA and Alquds University.

Beit Hanina Association and Alquds University Contract in Alquds Newspaper

click here to download full page in arabic from Alquds Newspaper


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