The Case of the Building adjacent to Masjid Aldawaa


A group of individuals have unlawfully taken over one of the buildings adjacent to Masjid Aldawa and have given it the name “The Beit Hanina Almaqdasi Club.” This is to give a false impression that this club is the equivalent of the “Beit Hanina Sports Club.” These individuals have done the following:

  • Unlawfully seized and altered the building without the Association approval.
  • Posed as the Beit Hanina Sports Club.
  • Gave false statements to media outlets to achieve the following:
    • The defamation of the Association by claiming it is an Israeli organization.
    • Provide false justifications for the Israeli government to seize the Association land by claiming that the Jordanian government built the school building and had used the land to train its army.
  • Threatened members of the Association and their families with physical harm.
  • Used the building for purposes with no connection to sporting activities, such as hookah (argeela) smoking, smoking and other related activities.
  • Purposefully disturbed people praying in the adjacent mosque.
  • Single-handedly disposed with sports fields.
  • Harassed residents in the area by using fowl language and by playing loud music until very late hours in the evenings.
  • Rented Association sports fields and lands to gain profit, such as renting Association lands to “Goodies Restaurant”.

For these reasons the Association is using all possible means at its disposal to remove this group of individuals from club management. The Association fears that its land may end up in the hands of the Israeli authorities.

The Association management has also met with high-ranking officials of the Palestinian authority, with the hopes that they may exert pressure on these individuals to relinquish their hold on the building. At the same time, The Association has obtained a court order from the official authorities ordering this group to vacate the building, and hopes justice will prevail in its favor by the end of this year.














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