Future Projects


The Association is currently planning to execute some projects in the near future, these projects are:

  • Building and running the Beit Hanina Cultural Center. Details of the project are described below.
  • Constructing a new building that will serve as the main office for the Association as well as a social club for the people of Beit Hanina.
  • Cleaning the land of the Association and protecting it by building a fence around it.
  • Building a recreation park for the families on a piece of the Association lands.
  • Building a modern school for the people of Beit Hanina.

Beit Hanina Cultural Center Project

Few years ago, in cooperation with the late Abdelmajeed Shouman, the Association prepared all the designs and plans for building a huge cultural center that will be the biggest in Jerusalem.

The main goal of this project is building a comprehensive cultural center equipped with modern educational and cultural amenities. This cultural center is aimed to be the center for cultural events in Jerusalem.

This Cultural Center will consist of three main floors with a total of twenty four thousand square meters and it has the following facilities:

  • Main lobby with a total area of 230 square meters.
  • A theatre that will span the three floors and it will accommodate 500 people with a total area of 650 square meters.
  • A library that will extend over the three floors and accommodates 180 readers with a total area of 1500 square meters.
  • Six meeting rooms, each room accommodates from 25 – 30 persons with an area of 75 square meters for each room.
  • Administration offices, one office per meeting room, each office will have a total area of 80 square meters.
  • Twelve offices adjacent to the meeting rooms, each office will have a total area of 31 square meters.
  • Underground parking lot consisting of three floors that accommodates up to 270 cars.
  • Extra areas that will be used as public areas.
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