Beit Hanina Local Charitable & Educational Association ( BLCEA ) would like to welcome all visitors to this web site. We hope that you will find this web site useful. We are trying to provide as much information as possible to the people of Beit Hanina town.

We are aiming to establish the awareness among the people of Beit Hanina around the world.

Please comment on this page so we can hear from you any suggestions or feedback.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. I was glad to see for the first time something formal about BLCEA; it is about time that such organization–so important for Biet Hanina is made accessible to all people of Biet Hanina. The resources of Haniyna are diverse and plenty all over the world. The problems facing BLCLEA now can easily and quickly be solved if such Haniyna resources are gathered. BLCEA should form committees (engineers, doctors, lawyers, educators, etc.) that would translate their support fort BLCEA and Beit Hanina.
    I look forward to see more actions by BLCEA; I certainly support it.

    Adnan Said Abrahim

  2. Jazzakom Allah khairan for all your work. I hope you keep up the good work to benefit the people of Beit Hanina and Palestine.

  3. My best wishs to BLCEA, I hope the people of Beit Hanina benifit from this. I am very happy to see Beit Hanina becoming more up to date. Inshallah this will unite the community.

    God Bless!

    • Ramadan Mubarak, Cuz. I hope your and your family are all fine. My condolences to you and your mom on the occasion of the passing away of your grandma in late June; Rahmuttu-allah 3allaiha.

  4. Even though I am very happy to see progress among my people, if we built and others use, this I believe is a waste. I am Muslim and Believe in helping others, but In Palestine, many pet our kindness for weakness. In all events the people of Beit Hanina contribute but others take over managment and leave us hanging. We pay and they take all the glory. Lets think of ourselfs,the people of Beit Hanina first. We owe this to ourself and children. More people should plan to travel to Beit Hanina so they will not forget their origins

  5. having good project in beit hanina is a good idea,but we need the hanaina to use it and keep it running. i suggest that we should make a deal to have a meeting in beit hanina once a year to keep the young generation close to thier land.palestine.thank you. Amin abdelhaq

  6. I agree with Freddie, I am a new Muslim and want to travel to Beit Hanina. A lot of my friend’s and family have come from there. I would like to help and learn more. I think it is important for the children to go back towards home and make a difference. I would like to make a difference too, and hope to be accepted. We need to help this city before moving onto bigger things.

    • Linda,

      Are you originally from the town of Beit Hanina? If yes, you are more than welcomed to join It is a social network dedicated for all people originated from the town of Beit Hanina.

  7. i noticed today that m.najeh was giving gifts for ramadan .there is people badly need it in the ram jawdat judah mubarak doughters there is a family of at least 22 person there number is 00972598016253 person to contact is mona

  8. it is a beutifull thing that u guys are doing good luck and keep the good work god bless u ……………………………….. abu faraj………

  9. Hello.
    I am a university student doing my MA in urban planning. I’m doing research on recreational parks in Jerusalem and I am looking for information about them. In particular im doing research on the parks in Beit Hanina and I am searching for history, users,….I need the regulations to make a park..regarding size, location, offset from the street, street furniture, maintenance, etc…….Can anybody provide me with this information? Or can you direct me to someone who can?
    Best regards,
    Arch. Maysoon A.

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